Why You Need a "Lie Awake At Night" Passion

Sometimes I find myself so hyped up over potential story ideas that I literally can’t sleep at night. Maybe I just sent a pitch out to a magazine and am anxious to see if I hear back. Maybe a piece I wrote is going live the next day and I can’t wait to see it. I know that sounds super nerdy, but I’ve realized that this is a key indicator that you’re in the right field. I enjoyed my old job, but would never lie awake at night thinking about what I would do the next day. It was fun and it allowed me to support myself, but it wasn’t like “This is what I HAVE to do.”

Every person deserves to find their “lie awake at night” passion. Unfortunately, it takes longer for some than it does for others. This is often because jobs are hard to come by, so you may get pushed into a career you feel “meh” about, simply because you have bills that need paying and food that needs eating and whatnot.

Even if you’re in a job just to make ends meet, you shouldn’t give up on finding your “lie awake at night” passion. Think about what you love to do during your day. What makes you lose track of time or forget to go to lunch? Once you’ve figured that out, think about some ways to turn these elements of your job into a full-time career that leaves you feeling excited and enthusiastic. If it turns out that nothing really sparks your interest at work, you can find your “lie awake at night” passion in other ways. It could be through volunteering or a class that you take. It doesn’t matter how you find it or how you get to pursue it once you’ve found it, as long as it’s there.

For me, my “lie awake at night” passion for writing gives me energy and self-confidence. This sense of self worth is really what makes finding what you love to do so valuable. If you’re still feeling totally lost, why not ask friends and family members what they think you’re good at? They may point you in a direction that you never considered.

Another thing about finding your passion: don’t let someone sell you on what they think your passion should be. So maybe your dad is a doctor and has been giving you the hard sell about medicine. After a while, you may start to believe that medicine is the field for you too. As you’re considering this, stop and think about what’s really going on. Would you still love medicine if your dad was a lawyer? If the answer is no, you’re probably letting his own love for the field impact your choices. Over time, you’ll find that your passion tapers off and you’re left back at square one. While it’s helpful to get other people’s opinions about what you’re good at, don’t let them completely shape your “thing” in life.

Have you found your “lie awake at night” passion yet? How are you pursuing it?

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