How to Tell If You Should Move

As I said yesterday, I’d been contemplating my move to Charlotte for a while before I went ahead and made it happen. Throughout my decision-making period, I realized that there are some really good and really bad reasons to move. Let me break it down for you:

Good reasons to move (in no particular order)

  • You’ve lived in one place your entire life and are ready for a change
  • You’ve seen all that you wanted to see and done what you wanted to do in your city and are ready to move on
  • You’re feeling uninspired where you are now and are looking for a change
  • You’ve always wanted to live in XYZ city and are ready to make it happen
  • You have nothing really keeping you in your current city
  • Your rent is too high in your current city and you need to live a more affordable lifestyle

Bad reasons to move (in no particular order)

  • All your friends live in one city and you want to be with them
  • You watched a show about it once and it looked cool so you’ll quit your job and go
  • A guy you’ve been kind of, sort of seeing lives there
  • You want to prove to your friends that you can make it in a new city
  • You want your parents to be able to brag to their friends that you live somewhere cool
  • You want to put space between you and your family
  • You want an excuse to not have to fly back for weddings, family reunions, etc.

The bottom line is this: moving is fun and exciting and scary all at once. But it should be a choice you make for yourself. You shouldn’t follow your friends or do it for a relationship. You shouldn’t even really do it for a job. Friends move, relationships end, and jobs change. If you go for any reason other than your own desire, you may end up questioning your choices. But when you’re going because you want a new adventure and you want to see the place for yourself, then it’ll work out even if the other factors that may contribute to your decision don’t.

Of course jobs and relationships will impact your choice, but ultimately you have to feel good about the decision without considering any of those other factors. When you move simply to have an adventure and see what happens, you’re much less likely to feel regret about starting a new life in that particular place.

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