Vacations Are Different As An Adult

Chris and I are on vacation this week, our first one that we’ve taken alone. We’ve been lucky enough to go to Florida and Delaware with my parents and Virginia with his, but this one is exciting because we’re the ones footing the bill. Of course, it’s not great seeing money dwindle from my bank account, but it’s also satisfying knowing that my hard work helped me to pay for the trip.

I’ve realized that adult vacations are much different from the trips I used to take with my family as a kid/teenager. Back in those days I would fight and protest about getting up at 11, begging to sleep more. My ideal day consisted of sitting by the beach, moving only to get up for lunch and a snack. Maybe it’s maturity or the fact that I’m paying for the trip, but this vacation has been different. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve done our fair share of lounging by the pool and reading on the porch (well, reading for me, listening to sports for him), but we’ve also spent a lot of time getting out and doing and seeing things. We drove up to Provincetown and walked around and had dinner, we went out to try a famous candy shop in Orleans, walked around downtown Chatham, saw a lighthouse, and tried out dozens (literally dozens) of different varieties of lobster roll. A few pictures from our travels:



Chocolate and coffee. There is no better combination in the world.


One of many variations of lobster salad I’ve enjoyed on the trip. Never too much.

One of my favorite purchases from the trip is this “Guess the Mustache” game. You hold up a picture of the mustache while reading off clues as the other person guesses. Some of the answers include Captain Crunch, The Swedish Chef from the Muppets, and Geraldo Rivera. Now I regret not buying the dead people edition.

Vacationing as a couple is also a really fun experience on its own, no matter where you go. You get to discover new things together, which helps to break you out of a rut that you may fall into when you go to the same restaurants and bars all the time at home. Even if you can’t afford a two-week cruise or a luxury trip to the Bahamas, a simple weekend away is the perfect way to reconnect, ditch the phones, and spend some time together seeing a new place.

Have you and your significant other taken a trip together? Where did you go? 

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