Comfortable Is For Sweatpants, Not Your Life

The other day I was talking about life plans with a friend. She mentioned that she hates her job, and  I asked if she was looking elsewhere. She looked at me like I had three heads, then said she wasn’t.

“Why not?” I asked, surprised that she would be miserable every day at work but not looking for a change.

“Because….I don’t know. I’m comfortable there,” she explained.

In many ways, “comfortable” is both an ideal and a terrible state. When you’re comfortable you’re able to relax. You feel safe. But it’s often because of this comfortable feeling that we don’t try new things, put ourselves out there, challenge ourselves, and make changes that we want to make but are scared to do.

When you’re comfortable you’re not looking to make any adjustments, no matter how necessary they probably are. It’s much easier to keep things status quo than it is to analyze your life, push your limits, and do something that’s unfamiliar. Whether it’s in a relationship, at a job, or where you live, t’s really easy to get too comfortable. You hang out with the same people all the time, regardless of whether you actually enjoy spending time with them. You do the same things every weekend when you don’t really love them. You date the same kinds of guys, even though it continually ends badly. It’s better than having to feel unsure of yourself or take risks. I completely get it, and am absolutely guilty of getting into a rut.

Don’t get me wrong: when things are as they should be, comfort is great. You can relax at home, be at peace with your friends, feel good about your relationship, and enjoy your job. But when things aren’t necessarily as great as they can be but are familiar, that’s when you enter the danger zone. You know that you probably should find like-minded friends, get a job where you’re treated well, find a significant other who makes you feel special, and live in a place that you find exciting, butttt that requires making a change and entering into unfamiliar territory. This is a scary thing, especially if you’ve been used to one way of life for a while.

If I can tell you anything it’s this: comfortable is good for sweatpants, it’s not necessarily great for a lifestyle.

Every so often it’s important to analyze your life and look at how you really feel about what you’ve got going on. If it turns out that you feel “meh” about anything, it’s time to make  a change. It may be hard and awkward, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

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  1. I think we are all guilty of this, but this is really inspiring! Makes me think about the things I SHOULD be changing – maybe I will now 🙂 xx

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