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So Exactly How Much Should You Charge For Your Work?

I know a lot of people who enjoy picking up freelance work, myself included. Freelancing lets you pick your own clients, work on projects that you find interesting, and make some extra money. I love all aspects of freelancing, except for the money part. I always get nervous when it comes to setting a price, […]

On Girl Power and Chelsea Handler

I’ve written about this interview that Chelsea Handler did for The Conversation before, but I rewatched it last night and was just as impressed as I was the first time around. She is so eloquent and down-to-earth. You feel like she’d be fun to hang out with, and not one of those people who feels […]

Ode to Aaron Paul

*Note: for some reason my VMAs post didn’t go up as scheduled. Whoopsy doopsy. Scroll down a little bit if you want to check out some of my thoughts on Miley, Katy Perry, and the insane amount of product placement in that award show. Also! I just wrote a new post for The Frisky called […]

It's Not the VMAs Until Miley Cyrus Violates a Foam Finger in Plastic Undies

Some of the greatest performances of all time happen at the VMAs, including a number of Britney Spears and *N Sync classics that have happened over the years. Oh yeah, and don’t forget Beyonce’s Blue Ivy baby bump reveal. Did you catch the *N Sync reunion at this year’s show? If you sneezed you would […]

Being Alone is Actually Not So Bad

Though I’m an introvert, I love having friends around. Except for the occasional solo shopping extravaganza, I enjoy having company during yoga class, at the coffee shop, etc. But yesterday I finished work early and didn’t have anything to do. My friends (all two of them in the area) were still at work and my […]