How Beyonce's Haircut Impacts Us

Yesterday, Beyonce cut her hair into a pixie cut (aka probably just removed her extensions) and the Internet blew up. Some people loved the new ‘do, while others were horrified. Apparently Queen B didn’t want to be defined by her hair anymore, hence the chop. Very Miley Cyrus of her. Though I’ve never had super long hair nor have I had a pixie cut nor am I a pop star, I can relate to Beyonce’s new look. A few months ago I cut five inches off of my hair. I was SO nervous to make the change, and started to freak when my hairdresser began to get to work. I didn’t cry or anything, but I was definitely sweating it out a bit. Now I love the shorter hair and can’t imagine growing it out again. I guess my long hair had become a part of me, so I was surprised to find out that I actually love the look and feel of a shorter cut.

Short hair just makes life so much EASIER. You don’t have to blow dry it or style it and it still looks good. It doesn’t get all caught under you as you sleep. You don’t shed as much. It doesn’t make your neck sweaty in the summer. The list goes on.

For some reason, the standard idea of beauty has become associated with long hair. It’s those long, big curls that all of the celebrities have. But truthfully, I think the best haircut is the one that makes you feel good. For me, it’s shoulder length hair. For one of my best friends, it’s hair that hangs down her back. For my mom it’s a short style like Beyonce’s. It really depends on the owner and her personality. The point is that there’s no rule about haircuts that are attractive versus unattractive. If you feel good in it and make it work, that’s all that matters. So, Beyonce, you rock that pixie cut. Your long hair and your weaves and extensions aren’t why you’re basically the queen of the world. And thanks for proving that.

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