I Found it on Pinterest: Banana Bread That Will Test Your Self-Control

Though I’ve had my own apartment for three years, last week marked the first time that my parents came over for dinner. I think they were expecting me to burn things or not make enough or something, so they were pretty impressed when I put together a real meal. We had tomato and mozzarella salad to start, then had Hawaiian chicken (recipe here) with rice and sugar snap peas. But dessert? Dessert stole the show. I made this banana chocolate chip bread that was really more like cake. I hate the word moist, but it seriously was so moist and amazing. This is what it looked like after the meal was over:



 I know some banana bread recipes are complicated, but this one couldn’t have been easier. You need a box of yellow cake mix, two eggs, and three to four overripe bananas. This worked out well, since I apparently decided we needed to buy enough bananas to feed a small army recently, and most of them had started to go bad. I ended up using five in the recipe. It made it REALLY gooey (which I love) but I’d suggest just using three or four if you like it a little drier. Get the full recipe here. 

If you need a dessert that will impress anyone, this is it. But make sure you make your guests take it home with you, because you’ll stare at it all day, willing yourself not to take a fork and eat the whole thing. Not speaking from experience, of course.

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