American Women Deserve More Than Sydney Leathers

I wouldn’t call myself a feminist, but there’s a feminist-ish issue that’s been getting my goat lately. It comes in the form of Sydney Leathers, Snooki’s book deal, and Ashley Dupre. I’m sure these women are very nice people. I’m sure their friends and family members love them. But I’m also sure that I don’t understand why they get book deals and paid interviews on TV when there are hardworking, ambitious, talented women who would kill for that spot and don’t get the platform because they didn’t sext Anthony Weiner, get intoxicated nightly on television, or provide call girl services to Eliot Spitzer.

Look, there is nothing wrong with doing what you have to do to make money. I’m not hating on girls like Ashley Dupre or Snooki. I’m simply appalled that they get to be on the New York Times bestseller list for virtually nothing when my friends and I work our faces off and still struggle to pay off student loans and car payments. Do I find these women interesting? Meh, mildly. But that doesn’t mean that I believe they’ve earned their fame and money.

Sydney Leathers is one of the ones who really drives me bonkers. She is famous for talking dirty with Anthony Weiner, and yet she will probably end up buying a gorgeous house and a nice car from all the publicity. Did she work hard? No. Did she learn a marketable skill? I mean I guess that’s debatable, but not really. Is she well spoken or personable? Absolutely not. Will she become rich? Probably yes.

My plea to the general American public is this: Fine, give these women their 15 minutes if you must. But also take some time to focus on ladies who are doing really cool, really interesting, and really innovative things. Exchanging naughty pictures with politicians is amusing, but there are also women who are writing great essays, composing gorgeous music, taking breathtaking pictures, and doing good in their communities. Let’s give them a little love too, shall we?

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