Being Alone is Actually Not So Bad

Though I’m an introvert, I love having friends around. Except for the occasional solo shopping extravaganza, I enjoy having company during yoga class, at the coffee shop, etc. But yesterday I finished work early and didn’t have anything to do. My friends (all two of them in the area) were still at work and my mom was busy. Normally I’d just watch TV or take a nap (post-work naps are my new thing) but I had some energy to spare so I decided to get a manicure. To be honest, I’d never gotten a manicure alone in one of those walk-in places. I’ve gone to my salon plenty of times on my own, but this was a first for me. I couldn’t believe how relaxing something as simple as getting a manicure ended up being. I didn’t have to talk to anyone or worry if my manicure was going faster than the other person’s. Add in a little hand and neck massage at the end and I was set.

Let’s face it: going places alone can be uncomfortable, particularly when everyone else there is with friends. You start to worry if people think you’re a friendless loser or a creep. In reality, the experience as a whole can be a lot of fun as soon as you start taking everyone else’s opinions (which they probably don’t even have) out of the equation and just focus on your own enjoyment. Who really cares if you’re the only one at Starbucks alone? Does it honestly matter if you’re not sitting next to anyone in the pedicure chair? Nope. When you’re focused on relaxing and clearing your mind, shopping/manicuring/coffee drinking on your own is actually one of the best ways to unwind after a day that’s probably filled with plenty of human interaction.

I’d highly recommend doing something you love on your own once in a while.

Do you feel weird doing stuff alone? Do you do it anyway? 


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  1. I like doing stuff by myself! I used to be afraid to go to the mall by myself in high school, now it doesn’t bother me.

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