So Exactly How Much Should You Charge For Your Work?

I know a lot of people who enjoy picking up freelance work, myself included. Freelancing lets you pick your own clients, work on projects that you find interesting, and make some extra money. I love all aspects of freelancing, except for the money part. I always get nervous when it comes to setting a price, fearing that I’ll either over or undercharge. I don’t want to make a client pass because I’m charging too much, but if you undercharge you’ll never have real success as a freelancer. It’s a fine, fine line (and a confusing one too).

While there’s no set formula that makes this process easier (it really depends on the type of work, your clients, and your experience), I just found a site that helps to make the whole rate-setting process a bit easier. It’s called Freelance Switch, and it actually even offers a rate calculator, where you can type in the amount of hours you work, how much it costs you to get the work done (based on the software you need, etc.), how many days you work each week, and other factors in order  to give you an approximate number that you should charge per hour. I found it really helpful. They also have lots of useful articles and post freelance jobs, so if you’re looking to keep your side hustle going you’ll want to check this site out.

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