Why You Should Celebrate Yourself

When something good happens, what’s the first thing you do? Probably call your mom, best friend, or boyfriend, right? A normal reaction, I’d say. But do you ever take a few minutes just to enjoy the satisfaction of that good thing on your own? And no, writing a Facebook status about it doesn’t count. I know when something good happens to me, I call everyone in my life, flap my arms around a bit, and then work on the next accomplishment. I never really take time to savor the good things on my own privately. This is a mistake, because in many ways self-celebration is the most important part of finally getting that promotion/selling a piece of your art/beating your personal best/getting a new client. Receiving praise and congratulations from people you love and respect is great, but you need to take a few minutes to revel in the accomplishment and let it sink in on your own. Allow yourself to feel some pride. Take time to understand that your hard work has paid off.

So what if the people you love the most don’t react exactly as you had hoped to your big news? Unfortunately, this can happen. Maybe they don’t see the magnitude of the accomplishment, or maybe they’re excited but then quickly move on. This can feel crushing, but it’s important not to base the weight of what you’ve done on other people’s reactions. Instead, take some time to celebrate on your own. So other people don’t understand how substantial the accomplish is to you. Who cares? Have your own celebration. This idea is still applicable even when others do appreciate what you’ve done. That praise from Mom or Aunt Kathy is great, but it’s really about having some pride in yourself and your work.

So often we wait for people to get excited for us when something good happens–we hope that they’ll buy us flowers or post a Facebook status congratulating us. While these things are fun and make us feel good, it’s still important to do some more self-celebrating. Don’t let the festivities depend on anyone else. Think you deserve some flowers for your accomplishments? Go get them. Treat yourself to a manicure while you’re at it, or that over-priced coffee at your favorite shop. Jot down how the accomplishment made you feel so you can remember later on when you’re back to (hard) work.

How do you celebrate when something good happens? Do you celebrate privately or include others?

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