Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!

I know I’ve only lived in North Carolina for approximately seven weeks or so, but I keep finding myself thisclose to having a “y’all” slip. I mean let’s face it, y’all just sounds so much cuter than “you guyssss.” Anyway, today is Thanksgiving, and hopefully that means you guys/y’all are bracing yourselves to eat a lot, probably drink, and watch football. Not a bad way to spend the day.

I’ll save the emotional, ooey gooey post for another day, but I truly do appreciate everyone who reads my blog, comments, e-mails me, tweets me, etc. As a writer, it can be scary sending personal thoughts out into the wide world of the Internet, where they must compete against memes and cat pictures and Miley Cyrus. So to know that you take the time to read what I’m writing means a lot. Thank you. Truly. Now go put on your yoga pants and eat like you’ve never eaten before! And if you’re celebrating Hanukkah, Happy Hanukkah! Or Thanksgivukkah, perhaps.

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