Lipstick for People Who Hate When Lipstick Gets On Your Teeth

I love the way lipstick looks, but have this weird paranoia about getting it all over my teeth. I picture myself having a lengthy conversation with someone, only to head to the bathroom to notice that I have red or pink smears all over my front teeth. Yikes. Combine that with the fact that many lipsticks dry out my already dry lips and I used to steer clear. That is until I found these guys:












They’re lip balms/stains, which makes them perfect. They give you deep, rich color, but the balm part prevents them from drying out your lips. No more lip color that is peeling off because your lips are chapped. Also (and this is the main reason I’m so obsessed) NO LIPSTICK ALL OVER YOUR TEETH! They are just shiny enough to look pretty, but they’re not so glossy that they end up sliding off onto your teeth. A lot of the lipsticks that also come with a gloss/glossy coat do this, so I was excited to find out that this product isn’t one of them.

There are plenty of different shades to choose from, so whether you want a bold lip or a more understated look, you’ve got it. I got mine at Target, but I’ve also seen them at Rite Aid and other drugstores. Trust me on this, you’ll want to pick one (or six) up today!


Update: Figured it might be helpful if I actually showed a picture of what the product looks like on:



And this one:


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