If You Get the Chance to Go to Charleston, Do It

Chris and I spent the weekend in Charleston for our five year (WHOA!) anniversary, and I have to say, that place blew my mind. Growing up in the Northeast, I’d never had the chance to go to a real Southern city with so much history. If you have an opportunity to see Charleston, take it. First of all, you’ll have the most amazing meals of your life, including this brunch from Hominy Grill:


It poured for most of the day Saturday during our trip, but we got to walk around the city all day Sunday. Charleston has the most gorgeous architecture, with buildings dating back hundreds of years. The houses are so unique and Southern, and some of them have been in the same families for generations. They’re just one room across, but are really deep with these amazing porches and gardens.



On Sunday we took a carriage tour, which was perfect because you get to see all of the sights, while still getting some of the history of the city from the guide as you go. If you’re worried about the way they treat the horses like I was, don’t be. They have pretty strict regulations in place so the horses aren’t overworked. That made me feel better. And as you go, you see houses like this:



Next time I’d love to get to do one of the ghost tours, but the carriage ride is a great option if you don’t have a lot of time in the city.

I’d love to go back when the weather is better, but the weekend was a great one. We stayed at the Hampton Inn downtown, which I’d definitely recommend. It was clean and comfortable, in a great location, and actually pretty affordable.

Have you been to Charleston before? What should we see if we go back?

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