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If You're in a Relationship or Want to Be, Read This

I haven’t really dabbled in self help books much, but I’ve started reading one that’s beyond amazing and will change your perspective on your relationship entirely. If you’re in a relationship, are married, or hope to be one of those things one day, you absolutely have to read it. It’s called The Five Love Languages by Gary […]

The Up Side to Personal Struggle

I’ve been going through some personal struggles lately, and have been spending a lot of time reflecting. I normally have no problem sharing exactly what’s going on on this blog, but the situation involves a more private person and I want to respect that. Basically a relationship that has been a major part of my […]

Everyone Deserves to Find the Jay-Z To Their Beyonce

I (like many, many other people) watched Beyonce and Jay-Z perform together last night at the GRAMMYs and was blown away (per usual) by their chemistry. It’s so clear that they’re crazy about each other. They respect each other on both a personal and professional level, and they’re truly a team. That got me thinking: […]

If You Love Your Crockpot, You NEED This

I’m a crockpot enthusiast and believe that this machine is a miracle invention. Throw a bunch of ingredients into it, turn it on, leave, dinner. Count me in. But the one thing I hate about the crockpot is that you’re stuck scrubbing sauce and whatnot out of it when it’s done. I mean I know […]

I'm No Longer the Girl Who Didn't Go to Paris

The other day I noticed a spike in my traffic coming in from Buzzfeed and I was confused. Then I realized it related to this post called “Don’t Be the Girl Who Didn’t Go To Paris.” I had written the post right in the thick of contemplating my move to Charlotte. I was so torn and […]