A Positive Attitude: So Annoying, Yet So Necessary

You know that saying, “Some days you’re the bug, some days you’re the windshield.” Welp I’m going through a period of days where I’m the bug. As much as I try not to be, some things are out of my control and it just keeps happening. We all go through periods like this, and it can be tough, no matter how resilient you are. I mean let’s face it, even Beyonce has a bad day. I think. I’m assuming.

During tough periods, you’ll get a lot of advice from people. Most of them will probably tell you that it’s all about a positive attitude. They may even say things like:

“It’ll all get better soon!”

“Life is what you make of it!”

“Just see the positives in the situation!”

And other cliche things.

They’re trying to help, but they may actually be dangerously close to receiving a swift kick right to the teeth.

But, unfortunately, these Pollyanna-type people are right. As much as it may suck, as much as it may seem nearly impossible, a positive attitude is a must, especially during crappy times.

But what do you do during those times when you’re just struggling to muster up a smile and put a positive spin on the situation? Personally, I went fourth grade status and made a list of all the good things I’ve done recently. It seems so cheesy, but it actually worked. I guess when you’re in the middle of a slump, it’s easy to forget about all the things you’ve accomplished recently. You’re thinking about the disappointments, the things that haven’t gone right, and the cry-worthy moments.

When these “blah” moments strike, having a list of things you do well and have accomplished can help. Get as cheesy as you need to in order to make yourself feel better. For example, a few things that could make your list include:

  •  Was a positive, supportive friend even when I didn’t feel like being one
  • Prepared food for myself while resisting the drive thru temptation after that crappy day where my boss yelled at me for no reason
  • Stayed in touch with friends in other places even when we’re both busy
  • Finally started that project I’ve been meaning to start

You get the drill.

If you keep a running list, it’s easy to use it as a reference when you have days where you feel like you can’t do anything right. We all have them. It’s normal. Though it may seem a little goofy to pat yourself on the back like this, it’s necessary in order to get your mind off of the minor disappointments and on to major accomplishments and things that you’re great at.

The other thing is this: no one can be perfectly positive all the time. The important thing is that you try. If you have a crying session or have to throw some things in your room (without hurting anyone, of course), that’s cool. Putting on a brave face is important, but you also have to come to terms with how you’re feeling. It’s okay to be really, really pissed off. It’s okay to be disappointed. It’s okay to want to scream or cry. Just get back on track and try to get back to that positive place once you’ve let it out and blown off some steam.

How do you cope when you’re going through a “blah” period?


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