Khloe Kardashian is the Unsung Kardashian Hero

Last night was the season premiere of my guilty pleasure, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” I know, I know. This family has become almost too unbearable to stand. Except then there’s Khloe. While Kim is worried about building a 70-foot pool and a recording studio in her new home (for reals) and Kris is trying to figure out how to profit off of her 16-year-old, Khloe keeps it real. I felt sorry for her in this first episode as we got a peek into what’s really been going on in her marriage over these last few months. It’s hard to tell with all of the rumors and gossip, but it seems like this whole “Lamar’s on crack” thing is really true. Her marriage is breaking up and she’s devastated. Unlike other members of her family, she appears to really have been deeply in love with her husband and is truly broken up about not being able to help him overcome his own demons.

Unlike the other girls, you can tell Khloe’s not all about appearance. She dresses well and always has her makeup on point, but she’s also got a sense of humor and a sharp tongue about her that makes her refreshing.  She doesn’t turn Lamar into the villain or try to keep herself looking like a saint, which would be easy to do considering the fact that the whole show is basically a PR platform for them.

It’s easy to forget that these people are still able to have real, serious problems and experience deep pain. So much of the show is fluff and silliness that you can just assume that their biggest issue is whether they should go with a dark or nude lip that day. In reality, while some of that may be true (especially for the others), this newest episode quickly showed us that’s not all that Khloe’s life is about these days.

I’ve always liked Khloe K. She has a real body, she calls it like she sees it, and she doesn’t get swept away by the fame machine that is her family. I feel for her even more now that it’s clear she’s dealing with some substantial personal issues that even millions of dollars can’t cure.

Do you like Khloe? Are you going to watch this season of the show? 

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