If You Love Your Crockpot, You NEED This

I’m a crockpot enthusiast and believe that this machine is a miracle invention. Throw a bunch of ingredients into it, turn it on, leave, dinner. Count me in. But the one thing I hate about the crockpot is that you’re stuck scrubbing sauce and whatnot out of it when it’s done. I mean I know it’s not the worst thing in the world, but it puts a damper on the whole “super convenient” thing. That is until my roommate introduced me to a life-changing product that looks like this:


You tuck it into the crockpot and then put all of your ingredients and sauces right on top of it. It allows everything to cook evenly, but you just toss it out when the meal is over. No cleanup necessary. It looks like this:


These little guys make crockpot cooking so much easier.  My roomie got them at Target, but they’re also available at grocery stores. Have you tried them yet?

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