The Up Side to Personal Struggle

I’ve been going through some personal struggles lately, and have been spending a lot of time reflecting. I normally have no problem sharing exactly what’s going on on this blog, but the situation involves a more private person and I want to respect that. Basically a relationship that has been a major part of my life for five years is no longer there. It was a necessary move for both people, but definitely not an easy one.

But despite the crappy terribleness of this struggle, I’ve seen a really bright, positive side too. When you’re going through something awful, something that just rips your heart out and makes you feel sick, you get to see a wonderful, sympathetic side of the people in your life. It’s tough to ask for help or admit that you’re struggling, trust me I know that. But when you do, you’ll probably be amazed at just how many people are willing to give advice, listen to you, and remind you why you’re special. It’s actually a really beautiful thing.

I wasn’t expecting anything good to come out of this time period. And for the most part it’s sucked. But I’ve also been blown away by how old and new friends, family members, and others are willing to stop what they’re doing in the middle of the day to talk to me. It’s easy to feel disconnected from life, especially since face-to-face contact can be limited because we’re all texting and e-mailing all the time. But when you’re at a really low point and you just need someone, it’s an amazing feeling remembering that they’re there. And suddenly instead of feeling alone you’re hearing other people share similar stories and provide words of encouragement. And that feels kick ass.

One last point on this: being vulnerable is okay. I typically always like to be the person who’s there for others and making them feel better. But everyone goes through times when suddenly you need to be on the other end of that. There’s nothing wrong with being vulnerable. It’s not embarrassing. It’s part of being human. Your friends and family members want to help you when you’re struggling, there’s no need to put on a happy face. It’s something I’ve learned recently and wanted to share.

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