If You're in a Relationship or Want to Be, Read This

I haven’t really dabbled in self help books much, but I’ve started reading one that’s beyond amazing and will change your perspective on your relationship entirely. If you’re in a relationship, are married, or hope to be one of those things one day, you absolutely have to read it. It’s called The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. He’s a marriage counselor and radio host, and the book helps you to understand how to relate to your partner (or anyone, really) better and teaches you how to make sure you’re both feeling fulfilled in your relationship.

It explains that people feel loved in different ways. For some people it’s about getting a compliment from their partner, while other people feel loved when they get a small gift or a kiss as they’re leaving for work. What makes you feel appreciated and supported isn’t necessarily what matters most to your significant other, so it’s important to understand exactly what makes them tick.

The book is mostly focused on married people, but obviously the principles apply to couples who are dating too. It’s a quick read that’s good for both men and women. I’d definitely suggest checking it out.

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