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Contrary to Popular Belief, You Actually Should Be Picky

Whether you’re dating, looking for a job, or trying to make friends in a new city, you’ll probably have people tell you that you shouldn’t be picky. You can’t set the bar too high or have unrealistic expectations. I agree that you have to be open minded (that boring job or slightly awkward guy may […]

Today is Valentine's Day. And You Know What That Means.

Today is February 14th, which means that it’s Valentine’s Day. And you know what that means. It means that if you’re in a relationship, you hope that your significant other takes you to that restaurant you’ve been hoping to try. Or maybe you feel slightly miffed that he didn’t send you flowers at work, even […]

Growing a Backbone in Five Easy Steps

Today it’s time to talk about sharks. Let it be known that this post isn’t about how to deal with real sharks. If I knew how to deal with real sharks I wouldn’t be scared to go in the ocean. But that’s another story. I’m talking about sharks in a more figurative sense. You know, […]

How to Shake Off a Really, REALLY Unproductive Day

I don’t care how focused and productive you are normally, you’re going to have days where you’re just in a funk. You’re working really slowly or you just don’t want to do anything or your “To Do” list is so big that you just don’t want to even try to tackle it. We’ve all been […]