How to Shake Off a Really, REALLY Unproductive Day

I don’t care how focused and productive you are normally, you’re going to have days where you’re just in a funk. You’re working really slowly or you just don’t want to do anything or your “To Do” list is so big that you just don’t want to even try to tackle it. We’ve all been there. When I’m having a week where I don’t know how to get moving, there are a few things I do to get back on track:

Make a list

First and foremost, you have to figure out exactly what you have to do. Get every task, big or small, down in a note on your phone or on paper. I don’t care whether it’s “buy stamps” (something I have to do) or “Finish the most important proposal of life,” write it down. Instead of having to store all of this information in your brain and risking forgetting something, it’s there and you know about it. From there, you can make a game plan about how you’re going to handle all of these things. Personally, I can’t sleep if I’m trying to remember the dozens of little tasks I have to accomplish the next day. This helps to stop my mind from being “busy” so I can actually fall asleep like a human.

Do something. Anything.

When you’re having an off day, it’s easy to just keep sitting there clicking around on your phone or however you prefer to waste your time. Once you feel unmotivated, it gets hard to break out of that funk. But the best way to shake off a “blah” day is to do anything. It doesn’t matter how small it is. Just get one single thing done. Dust your dresser, send that e-mail, take the trash out. I always find that when I do one productive thing, no matter how small, I’m much more motivated and am able to keep going and do other productive things.

It’s completely normal to feel uninspired, but that doesn’t mean you have to waste a whole day because of it. Fight the urge to keep refreshing your Instagram feed and break the cycle of unproductivity.


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