Archives for March 2014

The Real Value in Long, Long Friendships

When things are going a million miles an hour at work and in life in general, it’s easy to focus on how far you have to go still. You’re so zeroed in on a goal or an obstacle that you don’t stop to take a minute to appreciate how much progress you’ve made. I’ve spent […]

The One Thing You Can't Forget to Do When You're Dating

When you’re dating, you spend a lot of time focusing on other people. You’re wondering what they’re thinking or what they’re up to or what they meant by that text. All of this is fun and exciting and a little nerve-wracking and great. But while you’re in the midst of dating and talking about dating and […]

This Is What Online Dating Sites Should Actually Ask

Based on personal experience and what I’ve heard from friends, I think online dating sites have it all wrong when it comes to the questions they ask male daters.   There’s too much room for fibbing and hiding weird quirks and whatnot. Disclaimer: there are awesome people to be met online. But you have to […]

Sometimes The Worst Things Are Actually Exactly What You Need

A few weeks ago I was laid off from my job. Though I had been worried that this might happen, when it actually did I was shocked and devastated. For a brief moment, chaos ensued. I had just signed a year-long lease in Charlotte and was starting to make great connections in my new city. […]

How to Take the Stress Out of Online Dating

When I first became single I expected that dating would be fun and exciting, and in many ways it is. You get to meet different kinds of people, have interesting conversations, and find out more about what you want in a partner. But at the same time, it can quickly become stressful if you let […]