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If It's Not "All of Me" Level Then It's Not Worth It

By now we’ve all heard John Legend’s song “All of Me” which is basically an earnest, amazing love letter to the high-sterical and beautiful Chrissy Teigen. If that song doesn’t make you swoon and probably even tear up a little then I don’t know what will. But this song also got me thinking about relationships […]

I Keep My Account Mostly for Amusement. This is Why.

I’ve taken a step back from dating lately, mostly because I’ve been super busy with work and developing new friendships in Charlotte. However, it’s also partially because the process of dating started to drive me crazy and I realized it wasn’t making me happy or enhancing my life, so why was I spending so much […]

Remember: You Don't HAVE To Go On a Second Date

When I first started dating, I went out with a few different people and was pleasantly surprised when I didn’t encounter a disaster date situation. I kept waiting for it to happen and it didn’t. In fact, I think I’ve only been on one “disaster” date, and even that wasn’t really disastrous. He just went […]

What Does "Busy" Really Mean?

Since I’ve started full-time freelancing, I’ve been spending a lot of time figuring out how to structure my day. I need to make time for developing relationships with new clients, while also working on existing projects, invoicing, and taking classes or reading so I can stay on top of changing trends in the business. When […]