I Keep My Match.com Account Mostly for Amusement. This is Why.

I’ve taken a step back from dating lately, mostly because I’ve been super busy with work and developing new friendships in Charlotte. However, it’s also partially because the process of dating started to drive me crazy and I realized it wasn’t making me happy or enhancing my life, so why was I spending so much time doing it? Also also because I’m really enjoying being single and doing what I want to do, doing self-discovery stuff, etc and am not interested in a serious relationship.

Anyway, though I’ve put dating on pause, I kept my Match.com account around, mostly for the humor and delight it brings me when I get a real dipsy doodle trying to make contact. For example: today a 52-year-old man send me a long message explaining why we would be great together. He’s 52. That means he and my dad could have been in the same high school at the same time. Gag. I was so tempted to write back and say:

Oh my God, I’m so happy you messaged me! I know my dad would just LOVE you, seeing as how you’re basically the same age and all. In fact, where did you go to high school? You may have graduated with him! Also, do you have any daughters my age? I’m always looking for new friends! xoxo, Lauren

Another message that made me chuckle came in the form of a “recently separated” man who has two children. Fair enough. Not what I’m looking for, but some people are fine with that. The zinger is that his pictures featured his ex (?)-wife. In a WEDDING GOWN! Clearly you’re not that separated. Sigh. The strange part is that a friend of mine who also uses Match recently spotted a Match user whose pictures feature her in her wedding gown! Come on, people. Do better.

Anyway, I’m not totally anti online-dating. I know a lot of people who have met their significant others online. At this point though? It’s good for a laugh every now and then but I’m not spending a lot of time sorting through and trying to find my future husband.


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