If It's Not "All of Me" Level Then It's Not Worth It

By now we’ve all heard John Legend’s song “All of Me” which is basically an earnest, amazing love letter to the high-sterical and beautiful Chrissy Teigen. If that song doesn’t make you swoon and probably even tear up a little then I don’t know what will. But this song also got me thinking about relationships on a broader level. Normally I hate using Hollywood standards to measure relationships. For instance, the chances of me encountering a The Notebook-like love story are slim to none, and slim just left town (as my dad would say). It’s just not realistic because The Notebook is a movie and real life is real life.

With that said, I think “All of Me” is a much more realistic yet still highly romantic perspective on relationships. Yeah, you may not marry someone with a beautiful singing voice or the body of a model, but you can still strive to find yourself a relationship where you feel the way that Mr. Legend clearly feels about Chrissy. In fact, that has to be the goal. If you’re going to spend the rest of your life with someone, what’s the point in settling for a love that’s “meh” or even “pretty good” just so you can get the whole dating and being single thing out of the way?

It’s too easy to settle just because dating is annoying and stressful and sometimes it seems hopeless. But, in my humble opinion, if you don’t feel like you would write “All of Me” as a tribute to the other person, it’s time to move on and find someone who does make you feel that way. It’s easy to get disenchanted with love, especially when you’re meeting potential mates through the always-romantic Tinder or OKCupid. But that doesn’t mean that this John-Chrissy (or even Ali-Noah) love doesn’t exist. It does. Don’t settle. If what you’re in now isn’t as amazing as you had hoped it would be, then this person isn’t the one for you. You should want to sing right along with John when you think about this other person, and don’t settle until you feel that way.


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