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Adventures of a Northerner Living in the South: Roaches Edition

When I first moved here, I saw a Palmetto bug (as you’ll remember if you watched this video) and nearly had a stroke and died. When I didn’t die, I quickly called my dad in tears and stated that I needed to move home immediately. He, from the New York metro area, informed me that […]

Maya Angelou is the Ultimate Girl's Girl

Sadly, Maya Angelou passed away at age 86, so I spent a good chunk of time today reading over some of her most famous quotes and poems, as well as reading articles about her life and work. Of course she was a brilliant writer, but Maya Angelou was also the ultimate girl’s girl. Her messages […]

Dating is a Jungle, Yes. But You're Not a Lion. Stop Hunting.

Dating is a jungle. You go out to the bar on the weekend and stand in a pack with your friends, eyeing other packs and watching to see if they’ll make a move. At our core we’re all animals, and these instincts come out when we’re dating. It’s unavoidable to some extent. But let me tell […]

You'll Never Have Enough Money or Free Time. Travel Anyway

This past weekend, one of my best friends from high school came into town to help me celebrate my birthday. It was an amazing visit, and I’m SO glad she came. The ticket wasn’t cheap and she had to use days off, but it was 100% worth it. Her stay got me thinking about travel […]

Four Things You Can Learn About Love From People Who Do It Really, Really Well

Yesterday I finished up teaching my last memoir writing class at an assisted living facility nearby. I think the seniors there enjoyed the class, but holy shizz did I learn a lot from them. We did a lot of writing and sharing what we wrote, but there were times when I had to stop the […]