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I Want to Hate Kim and Kanye. I Really Do. But I Can't.

I want to hate Kim and Kanye. I really do. They’re full of themselves and completely over-the-top and self-important. But they’re absolutely freakin’ perfect together, and I can’t hate on their union. Listen, I threw plenty of shade Kim’s way when she was wrapped up in that circus of a marriage to Kris Humphries. But […]

Can We All Agree on Some Dating Etiquette?

Dating is an adventure/jungle/many other analogies. If you’re doing it, you know this to be true. It can be fun and teach you a lot about yourself, but you also encounter some really awkward situations from time to time. I actually don’t mind the occasional bad date, because I think they build character and make […]

On Nora Ephron and Perfectionism

I’m seriously obsessed with Nora Ephron and every single thing that she’s ever written (which is a lot, including You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, etc.) If you haven’t read her stuff, stop what you’re doing immediately and go check some of it out. But yesterday I read a short essay that Nora wrote that […]

Sometimes It Pays To Be the Ultimate Stalker (Not in a Creepy Way) in Business

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get nervous about being too aggressive when it comes to career-related things. Whether it’s pursuing a new client or pitching a new publication, there’s always a teeny part of me that goes “Okayyyy, but what if they think I’m a total creep for following up so much?” […]

Do Yourself a Favor and Go Read Your High School Journal. Then Write in It.

As much as I want to be a regular journal writer, I just can’t force myself to commit to it, mostly because I hate writing things by hand. It sounds so stupid, but it’s true. I have awful handwriting (serial killer status) and my hand cramps up and I just don’t like it. Plus you […]