Making a Major Life Change Is Not Actually As Scary as You Think (Trust Me)

I thought about moving to Charlotte for almost a year before I actually committed and packed up my stuff. In that year, I spent so much time stressing about the move. Was this the right choice? Would I like it in my new city? Would I make friends? Would it be weird being so far from my parents? I was so worked up about the whole thing that it started to get hard to sleep. Finally, after months of hemming and hawing, I decided to suck it up and just do it. Much to my surprise, the transition to a new life in a new part of the country was basically seamless. It was nothing like the lonely, scary place I had pictured.

The ease of my move got me thinking about making major life changes in general, whether it’s ending a relationship, getting a new job, or even just chopping off your hair (ladies, if you’ve done it, you know it’s scary). I truly believe that when your subconscious realizes that you need to make a switch, it prepares you for that change before you fully understand what you’re about to do. It’s like your mind starts to make the transition for you in advance so that you avoid the panic that might set in if you were to do it abruptly. Way before I packed up my car and signed a lease on a place in a Charlotte zip code, the depths of my brain recognized that this was something that needed to happen. ASAP. Because of this, I was preparing to make the move before I had even fully committed. Then when I actually executed, I felt way more prepared than I had expected.

Based on personal experience, thinking about making a major life change is 1,000 times scarier than actually making it. If I had known how good life in Charlotte would be, I wouldn’t have spent so many nights stressing about it. It’s that anticipation that kills you. If you’re considering switching things up in your life, weigh your pros and cons carefully. Do your research. Make an educated decision. But don’t get so caught up in all of this analysis that you forget to act. You can  spend years considering a change, when what you really should be doing is planning, committing, and making that necessary adjustment in your life.

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