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When It Comes to Love, Friendships, And Your Hair, It Just Shouldn't Be That Hard

Catt Sadler of E! News is one of my favorite TV personalities because she’s real and inspiring and genuine. So when she posted this gem today on her Instagram, I loved her even more. I mean seriously. How true is this?:   When it comes to relationships, whether it’s of the dating variety or the friendship […]

I Found The Only Apartment Decorations You'll Ever Need….

In a few weeks I’m moving into a one-bedroom apartment and I can’t wait. It’s my first time ever living alone, no boyfriend, no parents, no roomies, and I feel so Queen Bey. As excited as I am about being about to walk around in the nude without creating an awkward situation, I’m also super pumped […]

You Know That Thing That Makes You Love That Person? Tell Them.

God I’m so sad about Robin Williams. I seriously feel like a friend died. He was such a talented entertainer, and seemed like a genuinely sweet guy. But his death got me thinking: when someone dies, people come out with these beautiful tributes to the person. There are so many articles celebrating Robin’s work. All of […]

When I Go on a Really Bad Date, I Honestly Just Feel Bad for My Mom

My poor mother. The lady wants to plan a wedding and have some grandkiddos. I’m an only child and so she has to depend on me to make this happen. Unfortunately, I’m in the “kissing a lot of frogs” stage of the game, thus making these two events nearly impossible. I’m also moderately to highly picky […]

Maybe It's Time to Abandon the "He's Just Not That Into You" Mindset

I spent the last few days recovering from getting my wisdom teeth yanked (yuck), which left me with plenty of time to sleep, eat ice cream and soup, and think. While I wasn’t usually conscious for more than an hour at a time, I did spend some time thinking about this conversation I had with […]