I Found The Only Apartment Decorations You'll Ever Need….

In a few weeks I’m moving into a one-bedroom apartment and I can’t wait. It’s my first time ever living alone, no boyfriend, no parents, no roomies, and I feel so Queen Bey. As excited as I am about being about to walk around in the nude without creating an awkward situation, I’m also super pumped about getting to decorate my new digs.

Yesterday I went on an Etsy binge and found a couple of items that I’m crazy about. They include this amazing print (buy it here):

And this amazing doormat to feed my Breaking Bad obsession (buy it here).

I’m a little paranoid that some drunkard is going to come by and snatch up that doormat, but it was too good to pass up.

Now I guess I should focus on buying a sofa, a dining room table, and other essentials, eh?

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  1. Lauren Konefal says:

    Society 6 is also a great site for this kinda stuff, i can stay on that site for hours.

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