When It Comes to Love, Friendships, And Your Hair, It Just Shouldn't Be That Hard

Catt Sadler of E! News is one of my favorite TV personalities because she’s real and inspiring and genuine. So when she posted this gem today on her Instagram, I loved her even more. I mean seriously. How true is this?:


When it comes to relationships, whether it’s of the dating variety or the friendship variety, it has to be organic. Same goes for your hairstyle, too, actually. When you’re trying too hard and putting in too much effort, something’s not working. It feels forced and awkward. The best kinds of relationships are those that just sort of unfold on their own. You put in some work, of course, but you’re not constantly breaking a sweat and crushing brain cells. You should feel comfortable enough in your friendships and your relationship to not have to worry all the time. There are plenty of other areas in your life that can and will bring you stress; those two shouldn’t be part of it. They should be the connections that make you feel at peace.

It’s easy to get caught up in relationships that are just too much effort. You’re chasing the other person, snatching up your phone every time it buzzes, hoping it’s them. You’re always making plans with a friend and listening to their stories/problems, only to find that they don’t return the favor when you need it. Life is too short for that. Find people who see your worth and want you around. Find people who want to listen to you and give you advice and support you, just like you do for them. The chase is fun and exciting for a little while, but it’s just not sustainable. Also, it does long-term, slow damage to your mental health. 

Bottom line is this: if it stresses you out, skip it. If you’re constantly worrying about whether it’s working or “happening” or what’s going on, it’s not happening and it’s not working. Move on. 

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  1. Karston Grant says:

    I like it. Very good read. It was nice to meet this brilliant mind in person.

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