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Why Networking Really Isn’t So Scary (Get It? Halloween?)

I used to haaaaaate making small talk at networking events or cocktail parties or functions where I didn’t know much about the other guests. I would start off okay, but then after a few minutes my mind would go blank. I was convinced I was embarrassing myself, I would start sweating, and then I’d want […]

The 7 Best Things About Being an Adult

In many instances, getting older is for the birds. For example: you drink two glasses of wine and have a hangover until 5 p.m. the next day. Paying bills is also a thing when you’re an adult, and a fairly tiresome one at that. But in some cases, getting old has serious perks. These include: You […]

Do You Spend Too Much Time Feeling Bad About Stuff? I Do Too.

I spend way too much time feeling bad about stuff. I feel bad that I forgot to call my friend back. I feel bad that I don’t workout more. I feel bad that I travel a lot and can’t schedule as many Meetups as I’d like. I feel bad that I don’t keep in better touch […]

The One Thing You CAN’T Do In a Relationship

When you’re interested in someone, it’s easy to tell yourself a story in your own mind that plays along with what you want or need to hear. You tell yourself that person never texts you first because they’re shy. They don’t respond to your texts because they’re super busy with work, which is totally admirable […]

Is Your Snark Killing Your Game?

I have an acquaintance(ish) who frequently comments on my Facebook posts with snarky remarks. If I hear from him, he’s saying something sharp with a little bit of a funny twist. It’s like he doesn’t know how to have a normal conversation. Sarcasm is the only language in which he’s fluent. Look, I wouldn’t consider myself to […]