Do You Spend Too Much Time Feeling Bad About Stuff? I Do Too.

I spend way too much time feeling bad about stuff. I feel bad that I forgot to call my friend back. I feel bad that I don’t workout more. I feel bad that I travel a lot and can’t schedule as many Meetups as I’d like. I feel bad that I don’t keep in better touch with my extended family. I feel bad about all of it. And while some of this guilt is good because it helps me to do better, most of it is unhealthy. But I think this never-ending supply of guilt and “Ugh crap why didn’t I do this better?” is (unfortunately) normal, particularly for people in their twenties. We’re trying to figure everything out. We’re still newish to the career game, some of us are new to being in serious relationships, we’re trying to find the balance, and sometimes we just suck at it. Then we feel bad about our suckage.

My goal for myself is to stop feeling bad about every little thing. I’m an imperfect person, but I’m doing my best. And, truly, that’s all you can do. So I need to cut myself some slack and just make it a point to not repeat the same mistakes (unless it was a really fun mistake) as I continue to improve. Enough talking crap to myself because I wasn’t flawless always. We are not all Queen Bey, okay? And feeling bad about stuff only yields more bad feelings.

You feel guilty. Find a way to do better next time. Move on. It’s totally okay. You’re a human and you’re doing your best.

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