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The Danger With Being Comfortable-Happy

As much as I get amusement out of awkward situations, at my core I live for what’s comfortable. I like knowing what to expect. I like knowing how to do things. I like knowing where I’m going when I’m driving. These things are much easier to tolerate than being uncertain or lost or out of place. […]

There’s a Fine Line Between Being Complete On Your Own and Completely Unavailable

I frequently read articles about how the best way to get into a great relationship is by having your own life, and I believe that wholeheartedly. You’re a much more interesting, positive, and vibrant person when you have friends, hobbies, and a career you love. That attracts people of equal awesomeness. But I’ve also realized […]

When it Comes to Dating, It Just Shouldn’t be That Hard

As interesting and amusing as dating is, sometimes it’s also really, horribly draining. It feels like a part-tim job, and I know that it shouldn’t. I’ve only been in one serious relationship in my life, but as I was getting into that relationship I remember being surprised by the ease of the whole thing. I wasn’t […]

How to Schedule Your Day like a CEO

“I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.”– Jay Z My dad has run his own company for more than 2 decades now. Needless to say he knows a lot about business, and is also just a really cool and interesting guy. I recently talked to him about how he approaches his day in order to run […]

I Really Think Dating Should Be More Like Fight Club

I’m no dating etiquette expert, but I wish that members of the dating community as a collective could agree on one thing: dating should be like Fight Club. You just don’t talk about it with other people with whom you are doing it. It’s very unsettling to me when I get a message on an online […]