You Can Officially Call Your New City Home When….

Getting settled in a new city is a long process. For example, I’ve lived in Charlotte for more than a year and JUST got my North 3181201664_82953c212e_zCarolina driver’s license. Still rocking those New York plates too. Whoopsy doopsy. Another example: though I think I know my way around the city pretty well, occasionally I’ll meet someone and they’ll tell me a neighborhood in Charlotte in which they reside and I’ll give them a blank stare back. Wait, that’s a place here? Who knew?!
Though I wouldn’t say I’m 100% settled in my new home, I think I’ve achieved a few of the key hallmarks of making the transition to life in a new place. These major points include:

  • Knowing how to get to and from Target without needing your GPS
  • Finding new doctors (though I’m still searching for a dentist because I chose my first one because I thought he was attractive and that turned out to be a mistake. What a shock. I know…anyway…)
  • Finding a hairstylist you love and trust not to give you some sort of weird side mullet or something
  • Having a friend to call when you’re dealing with a car issue/sickness issue/locked out of house issue
  • Having a favorite restaurant/bar/place to spend money you don’t really have to be spending, and having at least a couple of people to enjoy said place with
  • Having a place to go when you want to relax, whether that’s a coffee shop, a bookstore, a park, etc.

The rest of the whole moving process takes time to say the least. But if you’ve got those things covered, you’re golden. In my very humble opinion.

If you’ve moved recently, what do you think are some of the key signs that you’re officially settled?

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