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You Deserve Someone You Want to Text Back Immediately

You can spend a lot of time figuring out what you want in a partner. You can make a whole list, and then go through and prioritize the three or five most important qualities.  But I’ve realized that dating all comes down to one simple concept: you deserve to find someone you want to text back immediately. […]

Why Can’t We Do For Ourselves What We Do For Our Friends?

If your best friend was dealing with a breakup, a rough patch at work, or some other crisis, you’d be supportive and full of compliments. “You’re smart! You’re talented! You’re focused! You’re funny!” and the list goes on and on. Perhaps you’d order a girls’ night in complete with wine and a cheesy movie to […]

I’m Obsessed with Anna Kendrick’s Insightful Dating Advice

The other day I read an excerpt from an interview my beloved Anna Kendrick did with Fashion magazine. In the interview, Anna gives a piece of dating advice that inspired a “lightbulb” moment for me. Her quote: “The wrong kind of guy to fall in love with is the guy who will let go of the steering wheel as a joke. A guy […]

How Dating is Like One of Your Favorite Childhood Stories

Communicating in the early stages of a relationship is like “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” It’s very easy to do too much or too little. You’ve either got a person who falls off the face of the planet or you’ve got someone who’s tweeting you, commenting on your Facebook posts, and resurrecting your MySpace page demanding to […]

The Most Underrated Part of Being Single

This time of year can be difficult for us single types. It’s cold out, it gets dark early, and sometimes it would be nice to have a built-in cuddle buddy. Plus Valentine’s Day is looming, so everywhere you go you’ve got balloons and jewelry and cards in your face reminding you that you’re going to […]