If You Have Trouble Falling Asleep, This One’s For You

Much to my own dismay, I tend to stay up really late. Much later than I should. I can’t help it though! For some reason my best blog ideas hit me at around 10 p.m. or so. Then I dive into a great conversation on Twitter, and then I HAVE to read that one article I saw someone link to on Facebook. It’s a mess. I fall down the Internet rabbit hole so hard.

flux-icon-bigWhen I finally drag myself away from the laptop, I end up lying in bed staring at my ceiling. I know I should sleep and I do feel tired, but somehow the beautiful goddess of slumber evades me. I’ve read a lot of research about how bright lights from electronics can screw up your ability to fall asleep, and based on personal experience I believe it. But what’s a hustler to do? I like my late-night Internet habit.

Luckily there’s a program called f.lux. It’s free, and basically it trains your computer to adjust its brightness levels depending on the time of day, so it more closely mimics natural light. For example, when I’m working in broad daylight at 10 a.m., my computer screen is very bright. But when I’m burning the midnight oil at 11 p.m., my computer takes on a dimmer look with more red and yellow hues, as opposed to the blue lights that can trigger your brain to stay awake longer than you’d like. This is supposed to make it easier to fall asleep once you do sign off, plus it’s gentler on the eyes as you’re working.

I would definitely recommend checking f.lux out. It really is much less jarring working on my computer at night, and though I’ve only had it for a few days, already I’ve found that I feel much more relaxed as I close my computer and get into bed.


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