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How to Be a Better Dater

When people know you write about dating/relationships, you get asked about bad dates a lot. How many have you been on? What happened? They want the gory details. I usually disappoint these people by telling them the truth: I only went on one really bad date, and in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t even […]

Five Crappy But Necessary Things To Experience Before You Turn 30

As much as I’d like to pretend I’m closer to 20 than 30, I have to admit that at my next birthday I’ll absolutely be in my late 20s. And while I definitely still have my share of “what am I doing with my life?” moments, being in the latter portion of my 20s has taught me […]

The One Piece of Dating Advice You Should Definitely Ignore

When you’re dating, you hear about all kinds of “rules” that you should play by in order to keep the other person interested in you. In fact, there are entire books written on the subject. You’ll read that you should wait a certain period of time before returning a text, for example. Always letting the […]

The Things You Never Forget After Working at Victoria’s Secret

I worked at Victoria’s Secret during one summer when I was in college. I’d always loved the store, was pretty hyped about the discount I would get, and thought it would sound sexy when I told potential suitors that I worked there. Turns out that working there and, say, being a Victoria’s Secret Angel are […]

The Best Advice If You Want to Stop Procrastinating

When it comes to doing work I love, I’m all about it. I will blog until 2 a.m. and not even realize it. But when it’s time to tackle mild to moderately annoying tasks, I’ll put them off for as long as possible, then be completely frazzled as I try to get them all done […]