The Jimmy Fallon Type is the Guy You Marry


Recently I’ve developed an unshakeable crush on Jimmy Fallon. For a while I was passing through a Nick Jonas phase, but then I realized that Jimmy Fallon is actually the greatest of all time. Unfortunately he got confused and married someone else before we could meet, but that’s beside the point.

The Jimmy Fallons of the real world tend to get overlooked. They’re underrated. We’re all out here searching for Goslings and Bradley Coopers and Channing Tatums. Look, I love a pretty boy as much as the next person (just ask my friends about that), but in the end, charisma and sense of humor are essential traits to seek in a partner. If you’re going through a tough time at work, what do you need when you come home after a long day? Yeah, a chiseled jaw is good, but someone who can make you laugh is even better.

The Jimmy Fallon appeal is this: he’s down-to-earth and really funny. He’s not afraid to look dumb. He wears a suit well. He’s confident and charismatic, but you can tell that he’s not the president of his own fan club. His blend of humor and self-deprecating “regular guy” charm just gets me. From a purely physical standpoint, he may not be equivalent with the Chris Hemsworths of the world. He doesn’t look like someone drew him. But his personality and his looks together turn him into a super appealing marriage material concoction.

2014 may have been the year of <3 Nick Jonas <3 but 2015 is all about Jimmy Fallon.

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