Why I Wish Dating Was More Like The Sims


When I was little I used to wish for an older brother. I had absolutely zero interest in a younger sibling, none whatsoever, but I always thought it might be nice to have an older brother to show me the ropes and protect me. An older sister would have been okay too, I suppose, but I knew that entailed a lot of fighting and stealing of clothes.

Now I’m wishing for another unrealistic thing: I’m wishing that you could buy or rent friends of friends. Sort of a random thing to want, right? Here’s why I want it: think about the best couples you know. Where did they meet? Most likely through mutual friends. It’s basically the perfect way to meet a high-quality person. Your friends have essentially pre-screened that person for you, and just by the fact that you have friends in common, you know you probably like the same type of people. Therefore, you almost definitely share similar personality traits and interests. Those are all things that make for a great relationship.

But my issue is that I’m new to Charlotte. Not only that, almost everyone I know in Charlotte is also new to Charlotte. It’s a unique city in that sense. Most of the time I absolutely love that fact because it makes it a really welcoming place, but when you’re looking to meet your significant other through friends of friends it’s hard. My group of friends and I are just thrilled to have found each other, and now we have to get deeper and get another layer of friends going? I don’t know about that. We’re all in the newbie boat. That’s a lot to ask.

That’s why I wish you could buy friends of friends, sort of like an expansion pack on The Sims or an accessory for an American Girl doll. You have almost everything you need, but that extra thing would make life just a little bit easier, so you pay the 40 bucks or whatever it is to get it. In my case, that thing would be friends of friends who bring their cute, single guy friends to trivia night. I hit it off with one of them who’s funny, smart, and confident, but not in an eye-roll inducing way and bam! the rest is history.

Luckily, there’s online dating, which I truly believe is another great resource for meeting people. So long as you’re willing to sift through the weirdos/creepmasters to get there, which I am. Want to hear more about my online dating adventures? Check out my Instagram account @onlinedatingtruths. Shameless plug, I know. I couldn’t help myself!

Are you dating someone? How did you guys (or “y’all” as they say down here) meet? Friends of friends? Online? I’m curious!

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  1. I met my boyfriend on match.com actually!! He’s literally best guy i’ve ever known and is so incredibly attractive and perfect for me. Keep looking!! They’re great, handsome, sucessful guys out there online too 🙂

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