For Your Friendship’s Sake, Use Your Vacation Days

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I spent the past few days in Florida with two of my closest friends from Charlotte. We’d planned the trip months ago, so it’s surreal to think that it’s already come and gone. Lately it feels as if my friends and I are shooting off in a million different directions. We’re balancing careers and other friendships and relationships, which makes it hard to get us all in one spot for a concentrated amount of time. Add in the fact that money is an issue for most of us, as is time off from work, and a vacation together is a pretty unusual and awesome thing.

Despite all that, I would absolutely say that if you have the ability, use your vacation days and go somewhere with your friends. Your offie will be there when you get back. As for the money thing, you’ll make more of it, right? In my opinion, mental health and friendship > money.

Yes, catching up over brunch or coffee is great. Going out together is fun. But there’s something really special about spending a few days together where everyone can relax and catch up without worrying about having to run to a meeting or check their e-mail. It helps when a beach is factored into the equation, but any kind of trip works. A long weekend somewhere close is just as good. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Use Groupon, use AirBnB, do some research to find the best airfare. There’s a reason why all of the Sex and the City movies include trips: because they’re great for friendships. Navigating an airport together, cooking together, finding new restaurants to try, and engaging in unadulterated girl talk is seriously the best.

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  1. Navigating an airport together <3

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