Get People to Read Your Stuff: Two Tools That Make it Happen

Make People Want to Read the Stuff You

Whether you’re a blogger or do content creation for work, most of us are putting stuff out there on the Internet that we want other people to read. We’re also doing our fair share of the reading (slash Buzzfeed quiz taking, let’s be honest) so we know what we like. We want something that’s easy to scan, interesting/thought-provoking/funny/informative, and we like it to be visually appealing. But if you’re like me, graphic design isn’t your strong suit, which can make that last part tricky. I’ve been using two different sites a lot lately to make the visual aspect of my content more interesting, and I wanted to share them here. My two new favorites are:

Canva: If you want to create a funky image/text combo, Canva has you covered. You can do pictures for newsletters, Facebook headers, blog posts, tweets, basically anything. You can even make an album cover if that’s something that interests you. Choose your background, the photos, and text. Canva’s got a good font selection and photo library, and you only pay a small fee to download your finished product. I’ve found that most of the finished images I create end up costing $1, though you can do the whole thing for free if you’re willing to be flexible/creative.

Pablo: If you’re trying to step up your social media game and create posts that other people want to share, Pablo’s going to be your new favorite thing. Add a short quote on top of an image and then easily tweet it out or share it on Facebook. The images are all really pretty and the site’s easy to use. It also has a scheduling tool, like what you’d find on HootSuite.

Do you have any tools I should know about? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I had not heard of Pablo before I read this post, but I like what I see! Thanks for sharing.

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