If You Like Beauty Products and Gwyneth Paltrow Jokes, You’ll Like This

I’m not a super beauty junkie by any means. I’ve got a handful of products that I love and have been buying for years, and can generally get my makeup on and get out the door pretty quickly. But every so often I’ll discover a new beauty product that I’m in love with. I think a lot of women are the same way, so when I find a new product that’s worth buying, I always like to share. I hate wasting money on stuff I never end up using, so here’s a quick vlog featuring the items I’m using and loving every day.



Have you made any discoveries lately that are worth checking out? What are your beauty go-tos?

Sidenote: I know I’ve picked up a good male readership lately, and I truly love and appreciate every single person who reads this blog. Sorry this post probably isn’t that interesting for you guys! Thank you for reading/e-mailing/tweeting/all of it! Really and truly!

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