Why Other People’s Relationships Just Don’t Matter

The other day I was talking with a friend who’s been seeing a guy for about six months. They still haven’t dropped the “I love you” bomb on each other yet, and she was feeling self-conscious because our other friend is swapping it left and right with a new boyfriend of only three months.

Then I hopped on the phone with a different pal who was concerned that she was moving in too early with her guy, based on what her other friends in relationships had done.

Add in the conversation I had with someone else who feels out of place because she’s the only one from her high school group that isn’t married and one thing became very clear to me:

It’s so easy to compare your own relationship milestones and timeline with what other people are doing. Don’t.

 You may feel like you’re the *only* one not doing something relationship-wise. Or maybe you’re the only one who is.

Just like there’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s, there’s no wrong way to approach a relationship. I know it doesn’t always feel this way, but really it doesn’t matter what all your Facebook friends are doing or what your mom wants you to be doing or how you did it with your ex. Do what feels comfortable to you and the person you’re seeing. The best relationships aren’t a spectator sport.

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