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We Celebrate Marriages. We Celebrate Babies. Why Don’t We Celebrate Being Single?

When someone is getting married, we shower them with gifts. There’s a bachelorette party and a bridal shower and then the actual wedding gift. If you’re in the wedding party, you could easily spend $2,000 when all is said and done. When someone is having a baby, you shower them with gifts again. You’re buying $200 […]

Why You Need To Get Off Your Damn Phone. Now.

Get off your phone. Now. I don’t care if you’re retweeting the most inspirational quote or hearting the funniest meme on Instagram or answering the craziest e-mail from your nutty boss. Put it down. It’s getting out of control. Have you recently walked through the grocery store, then gotten home and realized you didn’t make […]

My Memoir is Going to Be Called “Everyone I Know is Getting Married and I Woke Up in a Power Rangers Shirt”

Everyone I know is getting married. Every. single. person. Okay, not really, but sometimes it truly feels like I’m the only unattached person left on this planet. They’re going to have to put me on an endangered species list or something. This past Saturday I went out and had a great time with a few of […]

The One Thing We All Forget About Relationships

I have many smart and wonderful friends, but the other night I was out with one especially smart and wonderful one, my pal Katie. She’s been dating a great guy for a while, so I like to chat with her about relationships, especially when I’m having a day when I’m convinced I’m going to have to […]

What I’ve Learned About Sad Things, Carson Daly, and Pizza

I came of age in the early 2000s, so it’s probably not a shock to you that Carson Daly is one of my ultimate crushes. I remember many things about his life, but one story that’s always stuck with me is that he found out his mom had cancer, then almost immediately had to go on […]