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Even If You Skipped Sunday School, These Are 10 Commandments You Need to Know

I’m not a particularly religious person. I get dragged to temple twice a year and would definitely consider myself Jew(ish). As a result, I’m not usually one to opt for religious analogies. However, dating definitely has its own set of commandments that we should all adhere to in order to make life more pleasant for everyone involved. […]

Why I Threw Myself a Party and You Should Too

This past weekend I celebrated two years of living in Charlotte. To mark the occasion, I threw myself an anniversary party, which featured cookie cake, wine, and a bunch of my friends gathering at my favorite bar in town. At first I felt like such a stereotypical only child throwing my own celebration, but then I realized […]

The President Fakes It And You Should Too

Recently I went to a talk given by a well-known (and awesome) Charlotte-based chef named Chef Alyssa. If you’re in Charlotte, you should check her out and say hi to her on social media. (Sidenote: If you want to hear Chef Alyssa’s full talk, check it out here. It’s super interesting, regardless of whether you live […]

You Deserve a Real Date.

This is a PSA: You deserve a real date. I know you know this, but in case you’ve forgotten or need someone else to tell you, it’s true. You deserve someone who wants to make plans in advance and who wants to do activities with you. Or, if you’re so inclined, you should ask someone else out yourself. […]

The Dating Philosophy We Should Also Be Using For Our Friendships

By now we’ve all read the book or seen the movie He’s Just Not That Into You, right? It’s a harsh but true reality: if someone truly wants to see you, they’ll find a way. All of the excuses about dead phones and having to colonize Mars are great, but they’re probably covering up a lack of interest in […]