Why I Threw Myself a Party and You Should Too

This past weekend I celebrated two years of living in Charlotte. To mark the occasion, I threw myself an anniversary party, which featured cookie cake, wine, and a bunch of my friends gathering at my favorite bar in town. At first I felt like such a stereotypical only child throwing my own celebration, but then I realized that I should do this type of thing more often. In fact, we all should.

We don’t celebrate our small victories enough.

We move so quickly through our day-to-day activities, typically only stopping to mark major things such as getting married or having babies. But the smaller stuff counts too. Being an adult is hard. When you’re doing it well, you deserve some acknowledgement.

Two years ago I was living in Syracuse, fully aware that I wasn’t nearly as happy as I could be. My relationship at the time was stalled out, I had virtually no friends in the area, and I felt like I was just floating through life. I knew that I could do more and be more than I was, but I needed something big to kickstart some progress. That kickstart came in the form of packing up my little car and moving 12 hours down to Charlotte. It would end up being both the most terrifying and the smartest thing I’ve done to date.

While this weekend’s anniversary party was mostly just an excuse to get my friends together at my favorite spot in town, it was also symbolic for me on a personal level. I did something that was completely nerve-wracking, and I’m celebrating my own bravery and the success of the choice I made. If you wait for other people to acknowledge your boldness or your successes, you might be disappointed. Instead, if you’re proud of something you’ve accomplished, celebrate it and encourage the people you care about to join you. Hey, most people won’t say no to a party.

Taking risks and achieving things, no matter the size of the risk or the accomplishment, deserves to be celebrated. Buy yourself flowers. Grab a fancy shmancy bottle of wine. And there definitely needs to be cookie cake involved or else it isn’t truly a celebration at all.

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  1. OF COURSE! You should celebrate – and we all should. Loved that you said if you don’t celebrate your accomplishments you may be disappointed if others don’t/won’t.

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