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The Smartest $100 Purchase I’ve Made in a Long Time

I try to be pretty careful(ish) with my money, because I don’t have a lot of extra cash just lying around and I’d like to be able to buy a condo or a house in the next few years. But yesterday I spent $100 without blinking an eye and it was one of the best […]

What I’ve Learned About Breakups, Closure, and Dashboard Confessional

My ex and I split about a year and a half ago, and until recently I’d occasionally get the urge to call him and ask a bunch of questions about the end of our relationship. I’ve been dating a lot and really enjoying this phase of my life, but there was also a part of me that would sometimes feel […]

Why You Should Date Someone You’re Not Going to Marry

When my ex and I broke up, I assumed that I’d be single for maybe a year or so before meeting the man I would marry in the frozen foods aisle of my local Harris Teeter. This is despite the fact that I never actually spend much time in the frozen foods aisle of the […]

Why You Should Treat Your Friends Like the Kardashians

I’m a shameless Kardashian supporter. Go ahead and judge me. I know they’ve had tons of plastic surgery. I know they’ll do anything to stay famous. I get that. But I also think they’re family-oriented marketing geniuses, and something about them captivates me. Maybe it’s because I have extremely fine hair and am fascinated by […]