Why You Should Treat Your Friends Like the Kardashians


I’m a shameless Kardashian supporter. Go ahead and judge me. I know they’ve had tons of plastic surgery. I know they’ll do anything to stay famous. I get that. But I also think they’re family-oriented marketing geniuses, and something about them captivates me. Maybe it’s because I have extremely fine hair and am fascinated by their voluptuous locks. Or maybe it’s Kourtney’s monotone sarcasm.

Either way, my Kardashian obsession means that I’m always in tune with the details of their lives, both big and small. How must Khloe be doing with this whole Lamar thing (which is devastatingly sad) or what color tutu was North West spotted in today?

But the other day I was wasting time on Twitter (shocking I know) and saw a quote that said, “Support your friends’ businesses like you support the celebrities you don’t actually know.”

This made me a little embarrassed. I can definitely tell you how many times Scott Disick has been to rehab, but could I tell you the biggest challenges my friends are facing at work right now? Could I tell you what projects they have coming up? Possibly, but probably not in the great detail with which I could explain the treatment Scott experienced at rehab in Costa Rica.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the fluffy, glamorous lives of celebrities, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s important not to forget to stay equally as invested in the lives of people you actually know and love. The tricky part is there’s no TMZ for them, so effort must be made, even when you’re both busy and juggling a billion and a half projects.

Make it a point to go to your friends’ art shows. Read their writing. Buy their jewelry. Learn about what they love or hate or want to be better at in work and in life in general. It definitely matters more than what color hair Kylie Jenner has today.

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